Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today is a Great Day for Agusta! The doctor says its in Agustas best interest to come home, because her depression is starting to affect her healing. So we will be picking them up this evening and bringing them home. I will be posting all thru her recovery after home so you can all still come and read how she is doing. Also I will be posting more pictures from the hospital when I get back home tonight. We Love you all, and Thanks for all your Prayers. We have been blessed greatly due to the Faith of our family and all of yours.

This will be great for poor Brooke who has had almost no sleep since Saturday.


Teri said...

Woooo Whoooo..... Yeah! Can't wait to see you in St. George next week! Lots of Love Aunt Teri, Uncle Darrick, Kennedie and Andrew

Tonia&Schon&Brandon&Jordan said...

Awesome...I know that being at home will help you out tremendously! We love you and are thinking about you constantly! Love, Aunt Tonia

Lace-n-Lex said...

We are so happy to hear you are coming home we have missed you in the neighborhood, we have missed your pretty and smiling face out on the playground. Take care and we love you Agusta.

Your Friends,
Lacey and Alexis