Thursday, August 21, 2008


Day 1,
On life -support, and not knowing the extent of the brain damage, but what we do know is that their will be brain damage,from a scale from 0 being non and 10 being brain dead the doctor in St. George told us she us a 8 -8 1/2 and we still have to fly to Salt Lake...... from the C.T. that she had in St. George hospital..... and what we found out as they were ready to take her in for surgery at the Primary Children Hospital, the neurosurgeons did a C.T again, after looking at it said, "come here mom, look at this C.T. the one from St. George and now look at this one, do you see how the presser has let off just that little bit, i don't now why i cant explain it because its still bleeding and the presser is still their but its let off just that little bit and i'm not going to do surgery i want to wait it out for 4 or so hours unless she shows signs of worsting, they had to get me a chair because i just about lost it...... i now that Heavenly Father works in crazy and unanswered ways and at that moment i new she is supost to br here and she has callings to do and it's not her time to go. with-out her daddy's and papa's blessing's and the thousand of continues prays from all of heart goes out and i cant thank you enough for helping
josh and I and my little Agusta to still be able to be her same self before the accident(the doctor told us that most patients that come in with this will wake up a different person) so thank you and thanks to my father in heaven.... Brooke
Day 2,
Just waiting for my baby to wake-up & praying non-stop for her to know who i am.....
Day 3,
She 's off life-support and trying to say mommy, little tears will stream down her eye, i will not leave her side and i constantly am saying (your o.k. mommy's right here), i know she could here me. Her little body was trying to come out of the coma in this picture.....
Day 4,
She is going to be o.k.....her little body did so good coming out of the coma, she's not eating but drinking a little and that's o.k.. she has shown no signs of long-term memory loss but she does have short- term and that could heal in they drained her eye to be able to she it better,she is now able to see out of it and that has made her a happier person. what a difference 1 day can make and also being off of the morphine.. but she is having a-lot of side affects from her brain trauma, like really bad nightmares, she will say "wear are we" or "what happened", she cant remember her birthday and will ask me all the time "when's my birthday"i will say November, "oh ya"!!!!! i have to remind her to lay your head down and she will be trying to get back up every 3min. but if that all, a little short-term memory loss...... that o.k. with us...DayDay 5,
We are home.... Agusta did amazing on the ride home, we did stop a Few times but for the most she slept.... it was great to see all the family,REMINGTON and baby ELLA were so hyper with joy. Thanks to the Spendlove family to Remington & Ella and to Tina Webb and family for decorating our house and to all the great family & friends for all the help with the girls and i will be taking everyone's offer on helping , I'll really be needing it. love Brooke....


Anonymous said...

Agusta - I am in Virginia but your preschool teacher, Miss Elizabeth, told me about your accident. I am so sorry, but very excited that you're doing so well. I will be coming home in a few days and I can't wait to see you. You are so special and I love you so much. Keep up the good work getting better ! Love, the preschool teacher who plays the piano