Monday, August 18, 2008

Agusta is doing Good!

Hello everyone! For those who don't know the whole story, here it is. Agusta and Remi were playing at the park by the house. They were heading home (walking across grass) when some older boys playing football didn't see them and one of the boys was running to catch a throw and tried to jump over Agusta. His foot didn't make it high enough and knocked Agusta to the ground. She blacked out and started to seizure. One of the Neighborhood moms saw this and ran to Agusta's side. The husband to this mom ran to our house and got Me, I ran to her side and Brooke Followed. We called the ambulance and took her to DRMC. She was life flighted to Primary Children's. She suffered from a Subdural Hematoma (goose egg that is inside the skull pushing pressure against the brain), and a fractured skull above her eye. She was placed into a Induced Coma (Paralyzed),and had to be on full life support with oxygen tubing and monitoring for the flight to Primary Children's. She was given a Blessing before leaving Dixie Regional and upon arrival at PCH another CT showed that the pressure was subsided and no surgery would be necessary at this time. She had to be on full life support the first night untill her body woke up from the coma and would breath etc. on its own. She has since improved Miraculously, and is Doing Really good. We don't know when she will get to come home from the hospital, right now the Doctors say we just want to go Day by Day and see how she progresses. The most concern right now is with such a blow to the head causing a fracture that nerve damage, and the ability to move the muscles to open and close eye etc.. would be limited. We want to Thank all of you that have prayed for us and fasted. It has blessed our Family Greatly and we appreciate all you have done for us. Feel Free to post I will be updating as the days go by on her status. Thanks again and please keep Agusta in your prayers, May the Lord bless you all.


Hoagland's said...

We love you Agusta! Stay strong. We miss you and wish we could come see you! You are getting to be such a big girl! Love Jeremy, Mandee and Collin

paula said...

I love you Agusta and with that we could have stay with you. Work really hard to get better so you can come home and be with us and be able to run and play again.

Sweet dreams,

Aunt Paula

Ballard Clan said...

We love you and wish you were home playing with your sisters. I'm taking care of your dog BIG and He is so funny. We are thinking about you night and day and cant wait for you to come home. Come home soon!

Love Britt, Karina, and Brailey!

Teri said...

Agusta, You have been such a brave little girl! We are thinking about you always and keep praying for your speedy recovery! We will see you soon sweetie! Love, Uncle Darrick, Aunt Teri, Kennedie and Andrew!

Tyson and Jade said...

Get better soon gusta! We love you and miss you girl! We'll continue to pray for you!! We know the lord is watching over you and with you.. xoxo
love ya beautiful!

Josh & Brooke said...

hi, it's Brooke and Agusta*** I can't tell you how full my heart is and how heavy my chest is with greatfulness, love, hope& by far the amazing -power of preyer- Words can't tell how this little perfect spirit has been blessed from all of your constant preyer's, the moment Josh and i had been told, she is in pretty-bad shape and that the most important thing is to life-flight her to L.D.S CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL for surgery, because the longer we wait the worse the brain damage will be! all i could think about is what was the last thing i said to my baby,will she ever REMEMBER or REMEMBER me, was i up-set with her....was she mad at me... to think that she might not be the same when she woke-up..... and all ready in so much pain and not one thing i could do for her... as a person i have changed my priorities and all i want in this life is my family to be heathly spiritly and mentally,and to love them and to be loved by them, all the rest (my home-nice cars,that 100 dollor jeans i want so bad)i could care less about. so thank-you agusta for making me a stronger&better person, and for all of my family and ward family thank-you for loving us and helping us through this hard time and i want you all to know that i have felt my saviors love stronger then ever the lasted 3 days honestly, and i know with every bone in my body and have witnessed his miracle's with my own child and know that because of him she has made it this far....please know that i will be forever greatful and may god bless you like he has blessed us.... i love you all and will keep u up to date.... brooke

Hirschisquirts said...

Get well, Agusta! You are such a brave little beautiful girl and everyone is praying for you! We love you!

Love, Richard, Sara, Trista, Alayna, Kayle, Ethan, & Rhett

The Harrison's~ said...

i am glad to hear that she is doing as well as can be expected!! she is in our prayers!!

The Harrison Family.
Ashlie, Joe, Treyson and Skylie

ebib6h2 said...

Agusta, Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you and praying for you. Hope you get better fast so you can come home. Stay strong!
Love, Stacie and Kai-Kai

Stephen said...

Agusta we hope you are having a happier day. Brooke we want you to know that we are thinking about you and hope that Agusta will be home soon. The power of prayer is will probably say a lot more prayers before Agusta comes home, but it is great to know our Heavenly Father listens. We wish you all the best of luck.
Julie and Misty