Monday, August 18, 2008


Agusta & Brooke said...

Agusta is now in the clear untill tuesdays CT SCAN. i still don't know what time... and if the CT is the same, we will be coming home in healing time and if at all different(the team has said its very unlikly) then will go right in for surgery..... tuesday morning 8ish befor CT she will be seen by the eye team (i can't remember there special big name!!haha) they will be telling us about the damage that has been done to her left eye. her scole has been broke in 2 different places and the nerve to her left eye,(that nerve is what make's you see),is runing down one of the brakes, they will tell me the extent of damage them..

Linda Brazier said...

Dear Agusta and Family...
We are praying that you can get better soon and come home. We know that Heavenly Father loves you and will help you get better. Your pictures from the hospital make you look like your wearing eye make-up! We know your growing up so fast, but not that fast, O.K. I can't wait to hear all about school and your teacher. We love you,
Ray & Linda Brazier

paula said...

Good job Agusta! We will pray that there is no damage to your eye so you can see all the beauty in this world. I hope you make it home for Remy's birthday on Monday.

I love you
Aunt Paula

paula said...

gusta girl i want you to know how much i love,i"am praying for you each day and night. you are looking so much better each day, our father in heaven has blessed you and your family so very much.
i hope you and mommy can come home real soon, we miss you and your little sisters want you to get better and come home to be with them.
see you soon,
love grandma spendlove