Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today Agusta had her CT at 9:00am. The Doctors say that its not worse, but its not getting better like it should so they are still concerned because it should be going down and are worried about long term affects.

The eye doctor says the nerve to her left eye is right in the fracture. They don't see any hemorrhage or any long term affects to her vision at this point, but we will have to take Agusta back to the hospital in 4 weeks so they can look at it when the swelling has gone down. She will have a Helmet, because if she bumps her head it could damage the nerve, because the nerve is right in the fracture.

Agusta has been very depressed and having Nightmares last night. The doctor (neurosurgeon) says he feels that Agusta would heal better if she was at home. The nurse told Agusta she could go home when she wasn't in pain anymore. Agusta wants to come home so bad that she won't tell the nurses she is in pain.

Agusta was visited today by The Salt Lake Bee's (baseball team), they played games and did arts & crafts with her. The whole team signed a baseball and gave it to her for a souvenir. Her cousin Ryan is mad, because he wants to take the ball home.

Ever since Agusta first woke up she has been wanting to paint a Ceiling square from the hospital.(they have art work on the tiles from all different kids). So today she got to Paint her very own Ceiling Tile, and we will get a Picture of it on the Blog as soon as we get it.

She went to the Steve Young Learning center and they have a Wall of Wishes. Agusta made her wish "I wish that I didn't have a purple eye, and that brain will work."


Wilson Family said...

She sure is a trooper. Hope she gets to come home soon so she can get better quicker.
Katherine Wilson

Darrick said...

Yeah for Agusta! You already look like you are getting better! Sounds like you had a super fun day! Can't wait to see you in a little less than a week.Love you! Aunt Teri, Uncle Darrick, Kennedie and Andrew